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from a start-up to a mature mnc

Medha Rishi helps tech innovator, Square, innovate the employee experience as part of the company’s global expansion efforts.

international expansion

Global mobility is a must for growing businesses that want to be competitive in their respective industries, but there are other factors that come into play when your company expands overseas.

Global Benefits

As mid-market companies contemplate expansion opportunities outside the United States, a key issue they will need to address is how best to offer employee health benefits for expatriates working temporarily in foreign countries.

The grass is…different

It has been a beautiful HR journey to be able to blend my consultative expertise with in-house skills. You can’t do a strategy plan without cultural awareness. Can’t do vendor change and implementation without full technical support. Can’t improve employee experience without HR information systems and back-end tech support. Can’t be competitive without survey, stack-rank, game plan, communication, and an actionable approach.

Employee engagement essentials

Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year, proving that employee engagement is a lot more than a buzzword. With the current unemployment rate at a low 4.0%, it is a candidate-driven job market, which makes it increasingly important (and challenging) to acquire and also retain top talent. When employees are highly engaged, the emotional connection between individuals and their jobs is statistically proven to reflect positively on business outcomes.